The Ultra-Versatile Jumpsuit


Jumpsuits were in vogue in the 70s but they made a comeback and we first noticed them in 2014.Two years on and it’s still going strong. Though it began as a trend we think it’s here to stay.From Ralph Lauren, Fendi to Balenciaga and Alberta Ferretti- the jumpsuit is making its presence felt on all the runways. What’s not to love about an on trend all in one outfit? The sheer comfort and versatility of this fashion staple is what makes this a fashion must-have in every woman’s closet. All you need to do is search for jumpsuits online to see what we mean. They come in such an amazing number of styles and variations there’s literally a jumpsuit for every body shape and occasion. There’s a jumpsuit for you no matter what your body type. Try a flowy top one if you’re conscious about your stomach area, or a flared leg piece if you have wide hips.  They go effortlessly from office wear to evening wear and all you need to do is accessorize. Choose from culotte, romper, skinny leg, cold shoulder, one sleeved or tube top style when it comes to jumpsuits, they all look charming.

You could team your jumpsuit with a structured jacket for a great office look and take it to the club in the evening by replacing the jacket with a nice neck piece or scarf. The jumpsuit rompers work great for a more casual vibe. We love this look on Kareena Kapoor, Katy Perry and Julia Roberts, they look effortlessly chic in their jumpsuits.

Fabric counts when you’re shopping for jumpsuits as well. The jersey and satin variety are more suited for casual nights out while the silk and cottons would be great for the office look. We love this cute piece for a movie date.

Get your fashion groove on and slip into a jumpsuit!

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